Applying Risk Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

Applying Risk Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

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Risk Analytics

The principals at Binera have pioneered the field of multi-peril risk management and have developed groundbreaking methods and tools to support comprehensive risk assessment and the optimization of mitigation measures.

Decision Analytics

Binera integrates knowledge management, predictive analytics, and risk analytics to improve long-term decision-making and planning.

Climate Change Risk Analysis

Binera combines the latest in climate science with peril specific modeling to assess the potential losses associated with climate change.

Loss Expectancy

Binera conducts Expected Maximum Loss analyses for all peril types, determining expected losses and informing insurance requirements tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Stochastic Modeling & Simulation

Binera applies modeling and simulation capabilities to help clients examine and better understand the behavior and uncertainty of complex, stochastic systems.

Assess.  Fortify.  Optimize.


Our Mission:

To employ data and rigorous analysis to protect people, critical infrastructure and our customer’s interests.

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