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To employ data and rigorous analysis to protect people, critical infrastructure and our customers’ interests.

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About Binera

Binera, Inc. is a woman-owned small business and one of the preeminent peril risk management firms in the world. The experts at Binera assist clients in accurately assessing the risks that various types of perils pose to their operations and to their stakeholders and in effectively managing those risks to reduce negative consequences. Binera has developed reliable and repeatable processes to assess risks from multiple types of perils, including: natural hazard events, technological failures, and human-initiated events of all types. Assessment capabilities include detailed analysis of peril event consequence, the prediction of probability of occurrence for peril events, and an evaluation of overall peril risk. Leveraging detailed risk data, Binera supports clients in assessing the effectiveness of proposed hazard mitigation measures, enabling cost-benefit analysis of proposed solutions. Binera employs advanced risk communication techniques to allow customers to better understand the decision regarding investments in mitigation. This holistic view of the decision space is achieved from the integration of performance, cost and risk analysis.


Core Tenets

We successfully achieve our mission by consistently adhering to a series of core tenants that apply to all of our projects, regardless of size or scope.

  • Always put the customer first.
  • Generate objective, defensible, and actionable results.
  • Employ empirical data to the maximum extent possible.
  • Leverage best-in-class analytical tools.
  • Develop effective communication products tailored towards customer needs.

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