Decision Analytics

Binera integrates knowledge management, predictive analytics, and risk analytics to improve long-term decision-making and planning. Binera utilizes advanced modeling and simulation techniques to conduct probabilistic assessments of future achievements – evaluating performance indicators, uncertainty, and risk in achieving objectives. This capability enables decision-makers and stakeholders to establish more robust plans against future uncertainty and increases the probability of achieving success.

Binera’s innovative analytic techniques provide actionable results that support decisions ranging from what technology to include on NASA Mars Missions to where resources should be spent for operational security in the intelligence community.

Defense & Intelligence Community Support

In a dynamic international environment, the U.S. defense and intelligence communities face persistent adversaries and unique challenges that demand forward thinking solutions to guarantee our national security. Binera has extensive experience supporting defense and intelligence agencies through the development of robust methods to overcome challenges and to facilitate meaningful decisions in a timely manner, particularly given the fluid operating environment and threat landscape. These methods range from developing risk based prioritization methods to allocate resources (labor and monetary) to assisting the community in developing methods to protect assets, missions, and TTP (tactics, techniques and procedures).

Binera has extensive capabilities in data science and specifically managing and processing large, disparate data sets to provide meaningful results and to empower human analysts in executing critical missions. Those missions include but are not limited to: protecting the cover of assets and operatives, conducting anomaly analysis, and optimizing protection schemes.


Binera developed a Risk Based Analytic Framework that quantifies the risk associated with different operational scenarios, identifies gaps in solutions, and recommends priorities for development. The framework reduces vulnerability in intelligence operating environments, and can also be employed for counter-intelligence efforts. Binera’s method builds off of pattern analysis and anomaly detection to support the intelligence community in protecting missions and personnel globally.

Technology Portfolio Analysis

Binera has developed extensive capabilities to integrate the analysis of the potential benefits of technology development with the uncertainties involved with the technology research and development (R&D) process. The goal of these efforts is to develop a consistent decision support framework to help alleviate analytical challenges and optimize return on investment for technology portfolio investments. Binera’s objective approach to technology portfolio analysis includes a probabilistic analysis of technology project success – in terms of achieving schedule, cost, and performance goals – based on historical data. Binera’s clients employ Technology Portfolio Analysis to identify a set projects that maximize expected return on investment and to develop mitigation strategies to balance risk in the investment portfolio. Results from the analysis can help establish hedging strategies, identify achievement milestones for projects, and inform valuations of the R&D portfolio.


Binera received the NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal. This medal was awarded in recognition of extraordinary contributions in structuring an integrated analysis capability that allowed NASA to better characterize the expected behavior of the Space Shuttle and the Internal Space Station (ISS) as a system, and to assess the benefits associated with investments in alternate transportation systems for support of the ISS throughout its operational lifetime. 

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