Risk Analytics

At Binera, we assist our customers in better exploring and understanding the hazard environment, and in applying risk theory to help solve real-world management issues. The principals at Binera have pioneered the field of multi-peril risk management and have developed groundbreaking methods and tools to support comprehensive risk assessment and the optimization of mitigation measures. We have direct experience working with the federal government (DHS, DoD, NASA), state and local governments, and companies across sectors to incorporate risk analysis into critical infrastructure protection programs. Binera works with stakeholders and critical infrastructure (CI) owners and operators to employ risk results for the most effective mitigation scheme.
Binera is a world-class provider of rigorous, scientifically based decision-analysis for real-world management issues.

Security Risk Analysis

Binera performs security risk assessments for the United States’ most critical assets.

Terrorism Threat Modeling

Binera has developed a probabilistic method to produce logical and consistent frequency of occurrence estimates for terrorism attacks

Risk Management & Communication

Binera has established innovative methods and a common framework to evaluate and to compare the risk of a divergent set of perils.

Natural Hazard Risk Assessment

Binera assists our clients in developing a thorough understanding of their exposure to natural hazard risk, helping inform decision-making and cost-effective planning.

Accident, Failure & Technological Risk

Binera can evaluate the threat and potential consequences associated with a variety of operational failure scenarios, including impacts on operations, finances, the population and the environment.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Binera offers an innovative approach for assessing the cyber environment and for effectively managing and mitigating risks posed by cyber threats.

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