Security Risk Analysis

Binera performs detailed security risk assessments for the United States’ most critical assets. The results of these assessments provide stakeholders with a consistent, detailed analysis of the risk of attack at a site, and further, enable cost-benefit analysis of potential improvements in security and hardening capabilities, based on identified gaps. This process allows decision-makers to fully understand the effectiveness of existing security capabilities, facilitates the allocation of resources, and provides justification for investments.

Binera has developed the definitive process for performing detailed risk assessments for human-initiated attacks against critical assets, systems, and resources. This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of all components of risk: threat, vulnerability, and consequence. Detailed threat scenarios, or Design Basis Threats (DBTs), incorporating multiple attack types, attack paths, and targets within a site, are developed to drive the assessment. Security capabilities are evaluated as multi-layered systems in order to assess the effectiveness of specific countermeasures and procedures at the site. The consequences of potential attacks are modeled in detail, including GIS-based analysis of physical impacts (including blast modeling, structural failure analysis, and spread modeling), assessment of economic consequences, and detailed analysis of remediation costs. Ultimately, each DBT is evaluated to compare the relative threat, the effectiveness of security capabilities at preventing the attack, and the specific consequences of the attack.

Critical infrastructure owners and operators across the country employ Binera’s cutting edge security risk analysis process to optimize protective measures and minimize risk.

Binera recently conducted a wide-ranging security risk assessment for a national passenger railroad as part of their triennial enterprise-wide risk assessment activities. This effort encompassed a detailed asset-by-asset analysis of terrorism risk for individual target locations and included an analysis of the potential for cascading, systemic losses using a custom-built network model of the entire system. The results of Binera’s analysis are being used by the client to inform safety and security investments and to guide distribution of law enforcement patrols based on the risk profile of the system. The results of the analysis also serve as the basis for investment justifications to grant and funding organizations.

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