Stochastic Modeling & Simulation

Binera applies modeling and simulation capabilities to help clients examine and better understand the behavior of complex, stochastic systems. Binera focuses on using simulation models to replicate operational behavior of systems, including uncertainty in that behavior. The results of these efforts help stakeholders understand outcome distributions of future performance and how operations might change in response to various operating conditions. This allows clients to develop plans that are more resilient to potential failures and maximize achieved value under adverse conditions. Binera has developed stochastic simulations for various systems including, but not limited to: transportation systems, cyber systems, manufacturing systems, spacecraft systems, and energy systems.

We emphasize the importance of visualization and risk communication to support our customers in translating results into understandable decision and planning support products.

Data Elicitation & Communication

Binera has significant experience in the development of hierarchical and relational databases and in the mining of existing databases to extract and collect data that is accurate and relevant to a particular issue.

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